On behalf of every at Surgicure, thank you to all hardworking doctors, nurses, and all other medical staff who are working tirelessly on the frontlines to support their communities.

COVID-19 Pandemic is Straining Our Medical System 

The world is facing an unprecedented crisis that is exposing the vulnerabilities in our healthcare system. There will be 96M cases of COVID-19 in the next two months in the U.S. alone, with 4.8M hospitalizations. 

1 in 4 patients hospitalized with COVID-19 need to be intubated in order to breathe. With current intubation methods requiring multiple devices and up to four practitioners to administer, this critical process is further burdening an already strained medical system.

Surgicure Technologies has developed a solution that greatly improves the process of intubation, 68% of which fail with existing technology, while minimizing its risks and allowing practitioners to focus on treating their patients' core symptoms. 

1 in 4 patients hospitalized with COVID-19 need to be intubated in order to breathe.

Surgicure Technologies has a Solution 

Surgicure's patented Resting Block ('RB') provides the functionality of a bite block to keep patients' mouths open and a medical tube securing device to secure and stabilize endotracheal tubes. By relying on the back molars for improved strength, support, and maneuverability, the RB prevents accidental extubations, biting into catheters, and dislodging of bite blocks, which can suffocate the patient. Surgicure's RB improves care in three ways.

1. Optimizing limited resources and stabilizing intubations 

Surgicure's integrated device eliminates the need for mouth guards, facial straps, and adhesives. Only one practitioner is needed to administer the RB.

2. Reducing cross-contamination and infections

Surgicure's RB is disposable and used once per patient, reducing the chances of patients contracting comorbid respiratory infections.

3. Enhancing long-term care for the elderly

The elderly make up more than half of ICU COVID-19 admissions and are the most vulnerable to the risks of intubation. Surgicure's RB protects elderly patients by making no contact with the face, which prevents ulcerations and the need for reconstructive surgeries. 

How We Can Get Surgicure's RB Into Hospitals Now 

1. Local manufacturing

Devices can be molded in standard sizes by Primo Medical Group immediately for distribution to local hospitals.

2. FDA Class I, Exempt, GMP Exempt

The RB does not require premarket approval and can be placed safely and immediately into hospitals for testing.

3. Established pathways into hospitals for immediate testing

We have established relationships with the Brooke Army Medical Center, Baylor College of Medicine, Respiratory and Pulmonary Critical Care Units at MGH and BWH, and we have a clinical team from Now Biopharma and Premier Endpoint ready to oversee device integration and testing. 

If you have ideas, a service you think could help or are interested in collaborating with us, please contact us.