The vision of Surgicure Technologies is quite simple. Everything we do focuses on our patients, to ensure they keep breathing during treatments while maintaining their quality of life.

Surgicure Technologies is a small female-owned biotechnology start-up company that is dedicated to building the most effective medical instruments to prevent unnecessary harm, while promoting safety and efficiency for both our patients and practitioners during surgical procedures and healing processes. 

Intubation is a crucial component to assistive breathing, particularly for unconscious patients, those under anesthesia, and patients requiring chronic intensive medical care. There is currently no device that operates as both a bite block and a medical tube securing device that does not cause skin or tooth damage. 

Surgicure's device secures medical tubes intubated within a patient's oral cavity, while providing the novel solution of relying on the patient's back molars for improved support. It consists of a flexible frame and adjustable rack that protrudes out the mouth, allowing for the attachment of tubes without contacting the patient's face. The technology is available directly from Surgicure in bulk orders. 

Irena Volkov

Founder and CEO

Irena is the Founding Director and CEO at Surgicure, where she oversees staff functions and implements strategies for the company. She has been working in the biotechnology industry for three years and has participated and led several development projects at American University, Harvard University's Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering, and the start-up MicroInvestigate. Irena aims to integrate more effective medical devices and pharmaceuticals into the healthcare system and securing medical solutions for patients with diseases, disabilities, and disorders. Prior to formally founding Surgicure, Irena completed the National Science Foundation's Innovation Corps Customer Discovery Program, received the 28th Annual Rafferty Mathias Research Conference Award, participated as an Amgen Scholar at Harvard University, and was accepted into American University's Entrepreneurship Incubator to proceed working on Surgicure's device. 

Irena will receive her degree in Neuroscience and Bioentrepreneurship from American University in the spring of 2019. 

Nikhil Yedulla

Medical Expansion Specialist

Nikhil is a senior at Wayne State University in Detroit who will be matriculating to medical school this upcoming year. Nikhil's extensive experience in the medical field and biomedical research makes him a strong contributor to Surgicure's team. He has been heavily involved in collaborating with physicians and medical staff in Detroit, whether it be through working with the non-profit Blueprints for Pangaea to establish a self-sustainable, multi-hospital medical supply collection initiative in Detroit or serving as a volunteer leader at the HUDA free health clinic. He is furthermore accomplished as an academic researcher. He was selected to participate in the highly selective Harvard-Amgen Scholars Program, published a co-first author paper regarding the effects of the anti-epileptic drug on beta-cell insulin secretion, and received multiple other fellowships and awards. 

Nikhil is highly motivated leverage his connections and knowledge in healthcare and scientific research to help grow Surgicure's business and make an impact on the lives of patients in critical care medical settings.

Randall Crandon

Marketing Officer

Randall has been working with marketing, branding, and outreach for over three years. He has prior experience working as a consultant at the start-up High Impact Partners (HIP) where he was brought on to optimize and modernize their data storage and organization systems. The process of coming in and to streamline, and ultimately increase, the productivity of its business, overseeing the implementation of new data storage systems as well as overseeing the implementation of new marketing and branding strategies that overhauled HIP's online presence, giving it access to a broader market. He also has experience as a Research Fellow at the Pentagon as being in charge of a Pentagon initiative to revamp its marketing and outreach strategies. His findings were presented to Office of the Secretary of Defense leadership who have deemed the implementation of his recommendations as mission-critical to address the talent deficient the Pentagon has states that it faces. 

Randall is an upcoming History major graduate from American University. He consults Surgicure on its marketing, branding, and public outreach strategies. Randall provides key insight into Surgicure's marketing direction and traction building processes.